Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Both my husband and I are avid food lovers. We not only love to try out new stuff, but also cook innovatively. However, as a vegetarian, it is not always easy to find recipes which one can use „off the cuff“. Further, being rather health concious, a very large number of recipes make our hair stand on end (especially the desserts – and we both just love desserts!)

The idea of this blog was created when, having searched the net for recipes, I started adapting them to vegetarian and generally healthier versions. In addition, our travels through Europe, the wide vareity of people we meet, friends, restaurants and of course my mom and mother in law inspired me in matters food – and the focus is always to create new variations on traditional recipes – as mentioned before, hopefully with a healthier ingredient base.

I generally try to cook and bake with very little butter and keep my desserts low in refined sugar (using alternative natural sweeteners like muscovado or honey). However, being big foodies, sometimes we do let our palates rule over our minds and indulge.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the recipes. Please feel free to leave feedback, and I would be very happy to get suggestions for improvements or alternative recipes!


  1. It's damn kool!!! Impressive!!!
    Looking fwd 4 ur gr8 recipies... mmmmm

  2. Hi Rachna,
    ur site looks as YUMMEEE...... as ur recipe.
    Will cook and let you know how did it come.




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