Thursday, October 20, 2011

Red Chilli Pickle

It's hard to keep up with time these days...nonetheless I am enjoying every bit of it. It was really good to have mom n dad in law at home. I have been learning a lot of traditional recipes from my MIL. Today's pickle recipe is also by her. 

I had a bag full of chillies as gift from an acquaintant, who, ever so generous, gave me these chillies and said, "You are Indian and you do use a lot of chillies in your cooking, don't you?" I was a little taken aback and a bit lost for words. I forced a smile on my face - for what does one do with a Kilo of chillies?

Well, I started thinking on how to use so much chilli (I can't eat very spicy food, well, my hubby can... but that's another story). I gave half the chillies to a good friend of mine, who said, she would freeze them. But, even after that, "What should I do with so many chillies?" was a constant thought in my mind. The next day, my in-laws were arriving from India. My MIL, saw the chillies and said "Why do you have so many chillies at home?" I narrated the story and she smiled and said, "We'll make something really delicious out of them." and this recipe was born. Some went into this pickle and a few went into a thai red curry, recipe follows soon. As for the rest - we sun-dried them, for later use.

To my astonishment, the pickle turned out not too spicy, as I thought it would be. It came out so yummy and went well with so many sorts of indian food, that even non chilli fans like myself could have fun with them. The next time my acquaintance wants to give me more chillies, I'll say - bring it on! 


20 pieces - red chillies
1 tbsp - ginger, peeled and finely chopped
2 1/4 tsp - mustard powder
1/2 tsp - cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp - garam masala powder
2 tsp - salt (more or less)
2 tsp - rock salt
1 piece - dried dates, finely chopped (chuare)
3/4 tsp - sugar
a very little piece of mace
100 ml - lemon juice (more or less)


  1. Wash the chillies and dry them completely, cut into rings and remove the seeds
  2. Put the chillies in to a glass bowl, add all the ingredients to it and mix well.
  3. Cover the bowl with a muslin cloth and keep it in sunlight for 4 days (do not forget to stir once in a while). At night, put the bowl, still covered with the cloth, at room temperature.
  4. After around 4 days, store in an air tight container. Shelf life 3-4 months at room temperature or you can keep in the fridge for appx 10 months.



  1. Wow sounds very spicy and interesting too........

  2. Omg, hot fiery pickle..tempting!

  3. Looks so hot but its quite amazing to know that it is actually not!!! Wow! I am really finding it too hard to resist, i must admit :)

  4. Thts such a long time since I visited Ur blog...Looks so hot and yummy...I hope ur doing fine and wish u and ur family Happy Diwali :)

  5. Wow..beautiful clicks...So spicy and colourful pickle...

  6. Glad to see u back Rachana! Hope u had a great time with your in laws! Btw.. 1kg chillies is really an unusual gift:).. That recipe is just perfect to use some of it.. I am sure the use of lemon juice must have given it a very tangy and mildly hot taste.. I can imagine the taste!!

  7. Rachana they look perfect! Thanks for sharing this recipe; please do post your MIL's traditional recipes while they are with you. This pickle multi-tasks in so many ways!

  8. I love this pickle...but never got a chance to make it myself...bookmarked in between, glad to see you again...


  9. Wow a perfect pickles to be eaten with my all time fav curd rice:)

  10. perfect with some stuffed paratha. will try this recipe surely.

  11. looks so enticing. gorgeous color!

  12. Spicy pickle...lovely color and clicks...Sure the pickle goes well with curd rice...yumm..

  13. Delicious pickle, nice clicks as usual. missing you in blogging world.

  14. Welcome back dear! What an awesome recipe..

  15. Lovely pickle,will surely try this

  16. looks so yum n makes me it !!!

  17. It looks beautiful, and the photos are great!


  18. Mouth watering!!! i just love thz pickle... surely gonna try it... :)

  19. Drool worthy pickle. It's so eye catchy and the presentation speaks out a lot.

  20. Dear Blogger Friend,Wish U a Warm and Happy Diwali.Enjoy the Festivities with taste-filled delights,Safe and Delicious Memorable Moments - Regards, Christy Gerald

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